Thursday, February 25, 2010

You Are the Tree

As given the tree,
I give you roots with which to hold ground;
to know where you stand;
to reach further than sediment and nutrient
to reach beyond bedrock and grasp those before you
to better know yourself.

As given the tree,
I give you limbs that stretch from those roots;
to shelter young and all;
to conquer the space around you with majesty
to conquer gravity and brevity in one fall swoop
to branch out and explore your world.

As given the tree,
I give you leaves to better hear the breeze;
to fill those lungs of leaves with sweet air
to share with millions around you
to share what sacred petals so explode in color
to pass the time till winter strips, humbles you.

As given the tree,
I give you life and knowledge unending;
to be that microcosm fluttering and crawling with life
to learn the names and ways of Animalea around you
to learn the answer to the most puzzling and dazzling of queries
to discover: why.

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