Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mom Universal

Your love is like
the organic magnetism
with which cucumbers
cling to the knife.
Gentle like fridge

Your love is complex
like the Rorschach
of a sliced tomato.
Different in every

Your love asks no
questions with no
conditions but keeps
giving and giving
never to take.

Your love is worth
more than any currency
and cliché of worth
any cliché of a poem
could come up with.

Your love took us
and we skipped like
pebbles across puddles
of lakes and ponds of

Your love defined the
stars in turn giving me
the ground to walk
on never alone
and never with
an empty hand.

Your love filled my
head with dreams and
pockets with denim wishes
you knew would come

Your love played
movies of memories
when the wind blew
too hard and rain fell
too fast.

Your love is and
always will be a
pillow and blanket
that cradles my aged
body no longer a babe's.

Your love is pure
unfaltering and the
strongest structure from
which one could build
his existence.

Your love is you
and me and everyone
that has happened to
pass too closely to
your inviting orbit
like a comet content
with its new path,
never to leave your

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