Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Hate the Color Gray

Those tears roll down
cheeks still hot from crying;
washing my face like
rain on leaves in a
dusty July.
Rediscovering green

Tears that tear nothing
from nothing. Like fringe
from notebook paper.
Just fodder for a stop
motion blizzard
That comes eye level.

Paper hearts leave
paper trails that no one
will sweep for you
so make sure yours
is not origami
'Cause paper cuts hurt.

Imagine hating the color
Gray and no one asking why.
when such a passive
color creeped to the shit list.

Only coming close
still wont do and wont
satisfy my lackluster lust
for God doesn't even know

I found myself yelling
at clouds emptier than
anything yet full enough
to pour in all the wrong places
at all the wrong times.

That trick of light keeping
things in the mirror may be
closer than they appear
dancing across cathedrals
in rainbow incandescent
sprees exploding
imploding coral reefs
of schools of fish
just out of college
to be out of reach with
what this world
expects of you
and of me.
Expect nothing...

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