Thursday, February 25, 2010

Before The Gull

They ask when you die
-what happens-
answers only cover so much.
Answers barely scratch the surface.
The questions let you know
we understand
whats going on around us.
Its cosmic jeopardy answering
in questions
(as long as you question your answers)
What is life?
Yet no answer for five-hundred, Alex
(only more questions)
Trebec as my witness we all
go into that good night.
Time's up
pencil's down.
What have we learned?
Listen carefully:
What fog coats the seas
so thick you can't even see the good Lord.
Only instinct and good-old-fashioned know-how
will guide you home. As in Life.
You will always hear the caw
before the gull parts the foamy gray air.
Your home can't be too far from his,
and remember, he made it as far out as you.

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