Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Love letter

On June 29th
of twenty ten
i asked you to
share your life with me.
And you did.
we've broken up since
we've not talked
and avoided topics
and we could continue
doing those things
if we really wanted.
but i've learned
you'd still be sharing your life with me.
And i'd still be sharing mine.
we're not dating
or what ever
but our anniversary is
just as important
cause we've come a long way
and have much longer to go.
so turn another page
start another chapter
and go back occasionally
so you don't miss a thing.
I love you.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the irreversibles

i know the
crinkle under your eye
when you smile
like i know english
i kiss your
unmatching freckles
like i just got home from work
i know when
your smile is lying to me
and your eyes
are hiding something
you walk as if
you're dancing
and the wind
is holding you up
moving your hair
better than my hands
ever could
your voice
stops my breath
like a gust of cold air
you move colors
like you've painted
for centuries
i know your
smell like i've
majored in it
it's all just
dizzying and pointless
and means nothing
in the big picture
but to me it's more like
chords striking in harmony
and dissonance
i know you
as well as you know me, it's

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Save Changes

If i sing like bob dyan
and talk in straight monotone
maybe we'll fight the world's villains
and bring our soldier home

Strumming three chords in succession
changing the world- yea we'll try.
giving up all our possessions
just to save face and replace all the tears that we've cried

We're going to live forever!
Youth wont be careful in the face of adventure
let's all sing folk songs together
and show our parents that we're a good future

I'm screaming this song in your ear
and hope that you will never fear
the words of an actor
or singer or fool
if we're the exception
just keep being the rule.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

raybans tangled in your dirty hair

come into the store
hipster girl.
i see your
keys on caribeener
swaying with your
hips and
short short cut offs.
i would kiss you
from your cheek
to your sockless keds
and i would
play old records
as we made out
under your
Management poster.
instead you pass by
with your dirty boyfriend
and don't know
what you're missing.
that's fine cause
you're a phase
that can't ever
fulfill what i deserve
or who--
cause she's gone for now
She's who you wish you could.