Monday, February 28, 2011

take one by mouth with food

is mean
it creeps up
and doesn't let you know its there
till you're reeling through your head
trying to rationalize

the stress lately
has caked
and braked
and left me restless
turning in bed.

for one reason or another.
the more i look at stress
the more i realize it's
self invented.

i stress myself out, with no real reason
i have good people
and good relationships
deep and real
(sometimes real isn't always perfect)
and that shouldn't stress me out.

not even breaking my teeth
escaped my stress

now on the other side,
it's clear
i work myself up

instead of being patient
and truly loving
this may be a loritab rambling
but i think it's right
it feels right.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

mid day musings on momentary misanthropy.

I don't use words
i've never heard before
kind of like i don't paint colors
i've never seen

I wont draw conclusions
that haven't been drawn before
cause it's not good being original

i should get a tattoo
on my upper arm that reads
cause that's where they are

I don't know what's going on.
and it scares me to think--
but I trust you cause
I know you respect me
and you're right,
writing gets it out
makes it feel better.

I made a bigger deal
than i should have
I'll wait patiently
like you deserve.

Be safe
get home quick