Saturday, October 23, 2010

We're solid

there it is
that familiar warm-and-fuzz
that solid confidence in us
and knowing what we're doing is something right

we have questions
and certainly uncertainties
but we transcend those pointless human matters
and focus on the exalted roles we play
in counterpoint to our individual lives

Hey, i'm not going anywhere
and you better not be either.

I trust i wont be left alone
to hold up the things we made
and the things we expect of ourselves and each other
You're better than that
I mean more than that

Here's to us
let our wine glasses clink through the night
with silly toasts and headaches
cause babe,
we're solid

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How can I complain
When the random chaotic meanness
Of the universe I so "believe" in
Fulfills itself by
Patting my aching back
With its cold indifferent hand.

In Schroedinger's voice
Simultaneously saying
"I'm sorry" and
"I told you so"

Thursday, October 14, 2010

going into that good night

When change presents herself
Unfurling her fangy
Multi-colored horror
Cowering sharpens those fangs
Intensifies those colors
Flashing in the dark closet of
The unforseeable,
Embracing her makes
Her seem smaller-
Indeed those fangs are
Nothing more than
Teeth chipped
By misunderstood words
Those colors only glow in the dark
Because she too is
Alone in this chaos.

As long as your change
Takes place in the company
Of someone as strong as you.
The new-
Will be illuminated.
So take a hand,
look under the bed
And jump into this
World of fluorescent

I'm not afraid if you're not.

Friday, October 8, 2010

bottom bitch

My favorite time of every other year!
When prostitution is legal because
The gap legged whores take votes instead of dollars.
They line the street corners
Made up faces
Calling their own names louder than traffic.
Standing up on their wire legs dancing as your car goes by.
The only difference between all of these hookers
Is the color of their thongs and bras and heels
Blue or red, the only choices we have these days.

One vote will get you a blow job
But don't come cause they'll tax it or
Write it off or
Deduct it!

And if your skin is dark or your English is bad or brand new
One vote gets you a reach around
And you can come all you want
You'll get it back in wellfare anyway.

And if you're rich or poor
Oh boy, you can do anything you want to them
Kiss them on the mouth, fuck them no rubber
You could even beat em up and leave them for dead
They wont care. Your demograph is the most precious!

Oh I love this time of every other year
Patriotism humping everyone
Flags waving as we excercise our democratic rights
Get out and pay your local hookers to fuck you out of your liberty
Pay them your one vote and watch them give you nothing in return.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

salvation is created

I've fought
this fight for years
my whole life
that life without you
before you

Have you ever won
you asked me before
i ran my knife through your heart
you asked that question in your own blood
and still expected me to answer it

yes i have
i told you following it with
every time
for some reason you smiled and kissed me
you filled my mouth
with your bloody words and
sucked the air from my lungs before
you choked on death

do i win by losing you
i asked your corpse as it fell to the ground following it with
i ask that every time too

my salvation is
what i make it is
what i believe it to be
my salvation will be
a dark lifeless sleep
without movement
without my thoughts or theirs
without dark butterflies of dreams
without you

and for the first time
in this life
it scared me
even in death
to be without

to be without

the knife rusted by
hearts before
in self defense
doesn't work anymore

my new weapon is
which is hard to control

but so am i

and so are you

lead us not into temptation
but deliver us from evil
we're supposed to commit
upon each other
my only weapon now is
and it will never abuse you
and I will never abuse you

we wont lie
to each other or
to ourselves

i love you
love is the salvation
i've sought after
my whole life
that life without you
and before you