Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hey Aunt Jemima

[To be sung to the tune of "Hey there Delilah"]

Hey Aunt Jemima
what's it like up in the pantry?
Don't you know it's Sunday morning
oh i miss the taste of Country
Crock and you.
Pancakes don't shimmer without you
You know it's true.

Hey Aunt Jemima
you know you're the greatest condiment
bringing smiles to people young and old
from continent to continent
you're wise.
The mammy face is your disguise,
those big brown eyes!

Oh- you make my mouth sticky
Oh- my lips are sticky
Oh- my lips, they stick to me
Oh- so sticky sticky

Hey Aunt Jemima
I know times used to be hard
what with slavery and civil rights,
fate dealt you a new card.
You knew it would
Compared to what mammies should...
You have it good!

Hey Aunt Jemima
you make it hard to leave for work
but we're not seven watching cartoons.
responsibilities i can't shirk.
but God, i would.
seriously, you're that good!
I wish i could.

Overcoming slaver!
Making things taste maple-y
Overcome obesity,
Just don't use more than you need.

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