Tuesday, August 24, 2010

rapping paper

go ahead!
ask me!
why are you majoring in art?

Please, may i have a second?
adjust the soap box a little closer
to your ear.

quite lamely
i'll plainly start
a part from the
question at hand
that reprimands
all my plans
to stay happy
in this sappy
soap operatic
best of all possible
and remind all you chumps
it ain't what'll rake in
the dough you'll be makin'
that keeps you alive
to survive
don't deprive
but revive
your soul would agree
its decree
you should be
you and not me
despite a degree!

So stop all your hating
and commiserating
cause frankly
my deary
i don't give a damn
who the man
thinks i am
cause i know
who i am not!
and that's a doctor
a lawer a fast food employer
an engineer a mouskateer
nuclear physi-losopher
a waiter a grader of plagiarized papers
a nurse or a clerk or a mathmatic jerk

you get it?
i'm done
and don't ask again
or i'll cut yo' ass.

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