Thursday, August 26, 2010

morgan's prayer

for jennifer

I don't know you
By choice
I've listened before
But only the humming
Random chaos
Of the universe responded
I don't thank you
For the trees
Or this food I eat
But I do thank you
For the people you made
Not out of dust
Or rib
But people who
Are good people
cause you
Inspired them
Youre a good guy
Whether or not
You're there
Just take care
Of those brave to believe
And respect us
Who are brave not to
The doubt
I have
On both sides now
Is greater
Fire and brimstone
Don't mean much to me
Nor does eternal glory
All respect to you
Mr. God
But I like it here.
I'm child of earth
And will always love
his mothers
I'm child of man
And will love
Anyone around
To be loved
I'm child of you
Who ever can hear this
And I will forever thank you
And the Moon and stars
And sun
For her
She who will forever change me

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