Monday, August 23, 2010

the pieces

at first i
saw the pieces
i learned and memorized
their faces
their colors
their wants and needs

i got to know those pieces
pieces of you
and fell in love with them
as i met them
afraid this might be so real
yet hoping it was

i told each of those
colorful pieces
playful pieces
serious pieces of you
how much i loved them
and they giggled, holding their smiles
with hands i can't draw

then one by one
i put those pieces together
those fun-in-the-sun
take-me-seriously pieces
and i did
I took you seriously and found
how beautiful you truly are
how clear you make things in me
and first as a whole
i told you i love you.
did you feel it?

as pieces put together
are by nature
you are very fragile
and i hold you with care
though never fearing to play

your big picture
is what i hoped for
in my life
someone who knows
how to love me
how to treat me

cause if we break
either of us
we will pick up
the pieces
and know exactly where
they go

the pieces in my life
i'm not good with
or don't like
or am missing all together
you give me

and for that i give you



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