Friday, April 30, 2010

don't think your work is done, chile

Miss. Height,

Is it true you could see
over the top our heads?
over our Sunday hats?
What did you see up there?
Ain't nothing special
down here.

Could you see the hundred years
of change in your country?
The century of your work
paying off?

Don't stop now chile,
just cause you kick the bucket
don't mean your done now, chile.

Is it true you gave advice
to Elenore Roosevelt
and told Eisenhower to let your brothers and sisters
go to school with whitey?
Is it true
you get black women in high up places
for Johnson?

Well I'll be...
You done so much already
why don't you take a rest
your coffin will be cushioned
and comfy with memories.
And all those freed hands you made
will brush your hair till
you fast asleep.

click them ruby slippers,
cause you callin' home now.
But don't think your work is done, chile.

Your biggest fan,

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