Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity
For Quincy

Because you are black
you are not who you think you are
you are every scary unpredictable planned problem
in America.
Because you are black
a hand hovers like vibrant tension in the room
keeping you in place servicing the rest of us who
might not deserve it.
Because you are black
You write your words small in your tiny booth
letting children cross your heart- hope to die- take this message only I
can hear.
Why are you here?
Zobona bayabaleka!
What can you expect?
Ninga dinwa!
Make the wind hear your voice
fuck work and the rest of the noise
you're forced to hear!
Siya ba bona!
Walk down your sidewalk
strip your uniform
Ibala lami
wear only what God gave you to wear
your skin dark as night is warm
Ndiya zidla ngalo
They will shoot to kill
a matched description
Bebe fun' ukusi xeda
and you will die
Ngeke ba lunge
a mistaken identity.
And you will die!
Sizo nqoba!
A mistaken identity.

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