Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Speaking in parenthesis

It's like being held
By parenthesis
Only by the sides
Nothing beneath you
The feeling of weightlessness
Turning your stomach
Suspended in a vacuum
Of disbelief
Grabbing for something to hold you steady
As your head spins
Your heart races
And that familiar feeling
Creeps up your neck
And warms your scalp
And reminds you it'll all be ok.

It's like being hushed
By parenthesis
Making your words
mean something else
Cause they can't mean what they say
They cant end with a period.
Or an exclamation point!
like you want them too
Cause others are listening and
Reading along
Others might put it all together
And ruin the ending for you.

It's like speaking
In parenthesis
Knowing the subtleties
And nuances of our voices
But not speaking the same language
It's hard whispering my words to you
And all you can do is pretend not to hear
Beginning and ending my words
With a shrug
Taking their meaning away
And replacing it with

It's like loving
In parenthesis
Only held by the sides
Nothing beneath you.
Let's fall.

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