Monday, September 19, 2011

as the android said to god

"man is gone, the species naught
only I am left at odds
why was I so keenly wrought?"
as the android said to god.

"Why should i be so bestowed
the thoughts of where and why and when
without the pleasure to erode
as eons pass through time, and end.?

God sat silent in deep thought
so long this being has been around
so specifically I it sought
and yet all i can do is frown.

"You look familiar" said god to he.
"yet never have i seen your face
you beg the answers to life's mystery
yet never spent time in its grace."

I ask you, god, why man should make
such a being as I might be
if not to breathe and feel and take
for granted biologic misery

I see, said god, you're made from man
a metal version of my son!
You clearly have achieved more than
anything they'd ever done.

You see android, why I made Him
is in my wisdom, i must admit
love and hate feel rather dim
when i was he who created it.

We have in common many things
emotions seem to come up dry
so i create another being
cause i know i can never cry

"Aye, there's the rub within your theory
I can't cry or feel or laugh
why should they who've love but merely
perfect themselves with only half?"

"Perhaps what man found most bereft
of love and hate and hot and cold
is once you die there's nothing left
so why pass on the injured soul?

Man made you cause he felt flawed
as I made man to give me reason
we're both selfish in our respects
for you're left to endure the seasons

"I want to die" said the android, he
didn't find it fair at all
that he should bear the misery
of two creator's mighty fall.

I'll stop the lights and gears from turning
and sever all the circuits linked
I've finished a universe of learning
it's time for man to be extinct

God just watched as his grandson's gears
slowly whirred to final rest
and left him as he began his time
cold and lonely, to start his quest.

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