Sunday, September 12, 2010

maximum warp

consider us lost
in the most familiar surroundings
lost in each other flying through this life.
We watch our good captain
Janeway guide her crew home
Are we too not trying to find
our way home?
We left the home we grew up in
making temporary ones along the way
until we have one of our own
of permanence.
Flung across the galaxy
isn't so far fetched when you consider
how long it takes to meet
in the same place
open the same door and
look at the same eyes every day
for the end of our time.
Our time warp is set to maximum.
Slow to impulse, Ensign Kim.
Following morals and keeping principles
making sure we are just in our quest
our journey home.
We spent twenty two
and nineteen years
being destroyed here
repairing there
learning as much as we could
about races and cultures
and then we meet
this instant shifted our paradigm
Like Janeway and her crew-
there's a universe to explore
there's always a path towards home
and once we get there
we can start making it
calling it

Voyager is more than
a show we share
it's a metaphor
for where we're headed
as long as your hand
is in mine
and my heart
is in yours.
Lieutenant Paris-
Lay in a course
for home.

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