Thursday, September 15, 2011

sleep over

I feel like daddy,
sending you off to stay the night
with someone else
for the first time
packing your nap sack
with your blanket and hello kitty pillow
kissing you on the cheek,
hugging you
not wanting to let go
letting go.
Only hoping
they know how you like your eggs
and bacon
and that you like coffee black
and strong
knowing you're energetic before bed
and like to snuggle close
making sure to keep your feet warm
and your nose too
That when you get quiet
you're thinking about them
sweet thoughts they'll never know
but lucky to get
hoping they push you
when you need it
and listening quietly
when you don't
trusting you
believing in you
wishing they'll look at you
and see what i've seen
know what i've known
felt what we've felt
I'll never know if they do
cause there's so much to consider
but like a dad, i can only hope
they'll give you the same
loving home.

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